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Tea puns ☕ in 2023

The best dinosaur is definitely the Tea-rex

You’re mug-nificent

One reason may tea drinkers get in trouble at the clubs is because they tend to be very naught-TEA.

Why the oolong face?

Sip Sip Hooray!

 The rallying cry of the tea drinker, “Fight for your right to par-TEA!”

Bow down to royal-tea

Brew can do it!

There was a recent celebration to help pay down the national debt, it was considered a tea party

Sweet dreams are made of teas

Kettle down everyone

The Communists will only drink herbal tea because proper-TEA is considered theft.

Can’t we just all get oolong?

Sip happens

Where there is tea, there is hope!

Hones-tea is the best policy

I believe in brew!

Are you even aware that four of the last five Presidents were all left-tea.

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