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Tea puns ☕ in 2023

 Tea drinkers like living on the edge and often find themselves in hot water.

We need to be tea leafed (debriefed) on the situation

Most Manchester United fans will only drink tea because they have all the cups.

Time to Par-tea!

Jas yours? No Jas-mine

When I told the barista she gave me the wrong drink, she quickly became all missed-TEA-eyed.

 God said, “Let them brew tea”, and, then there was tea.

No need to be sal-tea

I like big mugs and I cannot lie

She tends to break the ice very easily because she is exceptionally flirt-TEA.

Steeping too often in the bubble and the boil of the tea kettle clouds my inner eye.

We’re a matcha made in heaven

People who are usually worried about everything will drink tea for the safe-TEA reasons.

Drinking tea, just gives me sereni-tea

50 shades of Earl Grey

If you spill Queen Elizabeth’s tea it can be considered a threat to all British sovereign TEA.

 If tea is the drink of love, then brew on!

It’s for your own safe-tea

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