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Pie puns ๐Ÿฅง in 2023


A mother pie wanted her kids to fall asleep, so she sang a lulla-pie.

He is the apple of your pie.

Which is the bookโ€™s year of pieblication?ย 

You have to keep an eye on the pies.

I am mommyโ€™s cutie.

London Pie

I ate too much pumpkin pie. I’ve got autumn-y ache.

Pie think she hates you.

He was driving in a bakenecking speed.

Everyone who sees this pie says “Awww”. It’s a cutie pie.

She only has pies for you.

The apple of my Pie

He has got his pie on you.

What can make mathematicians fight? The Pie.

1000 Ways To Pie

Pie often has fruit in the middle, but pa-pie-a’s
a fruit with pie in the middle.

Do you remember the a la mode?

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