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Pie puns in 2024


A kid was snacking in PE, and missed an easy catch. The teacher said, “Keep your pie on the ball.”

You have to give us pumpkin to talk about.

Beauty is in the Pie of the beholder

Finally, she caught her pie.

Des-pie-t the big pie, I only got a piece.

John Tucker Must Pie

It was the ghost’s turn to cook. She baked
boo-berry pie with I-scream.

I am sure you can do it; I crust you.

I hear you are the crustodian of pies.

The pie couldn’t crust his friend after he found out he had lied to him before.

Do you want a piece of me?

In my minds Pie

Keep talking. Pie’m all ears.

He did not re-pie to any of my letters.

Evil Pie

A pie and a cake got into a fight. “You want
a piece of me?” yelled the pie.

That pumpkin pie was so gourd.

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