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Pie puns ๐Ÿฅง in 2023

A sailor made sure his pumpkins were always
buckled in safely when he started the car. He was a squash-buckling pirate.

It was absolutely love at first bite.

Who took the pie to YouTube? Pewdiepie.

A pie went into a cafรฉ one day and asked for
a sandwich. “Sorry,” said the owner. “We don’t serve food.”

That is as easy as 3.14

Pieย can feel it in my bones

A blueberry pie went to the pie doctor. “I’ve
been filling blue lately,” it said.

You know how to bake me happy.

I rode my bake on the street.

These pi jokes are infinite.

A mad inventor built a machine made of candy canes with wheels made of pie. It was a pie-cycle.

You should know that he has fillings for you.

If you insult him, youโ€™ll hurt his fillings.

The only chart I understand is the pie chart.

And the pie asked, โ€˜do you crust me?โ€™


The baby apple pie wanted to know how to
read. It went to pie-mary school.

Bring the pie, for goodness bakes!

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