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Pie puns ๐Ÿฅง in 2022

The baker’s wife asked for bread. “Sorry,” he
said. “I only have pies for you.”

What a gourdgeous pie!

Your punning skills are super crusty.

A pie signed up for yoga but didn’t like it. It did pie-lates instead.

You get a large circumference from too much pie.

Pie for an Pie, a tooth for a tooth

You bake life, you get baked.

You have a bake-ini body.

Eagle Pie

A dessert dreamed of flying. It was pie in the sky.

Look at this cutie pie.

I cannot crust you after what you did.

I had a shepherd’s pie for dinner. The shepherd
was furious.

Thatโ€™s a pie-nosaur pun.

In the twinkling of an Pie

ย A raspberry pie sent a Valentine. “Pie love you
berry much”, it said.

Love is all you knead.

What did mother pie say to baby pie? Stop bakering!

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