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Christmas puns ๐ŸŽ„ in 2022

I didnโ€™t think this party would be such a drag, Iโ€™m snow bored.

We fish you a merry Christmas.

As Mrs. Claus knows, good things come to those who bake.

But waitโ€”thereโ€™s myrrh

Birch, please.

Oh, Christmas tea. Oh, Christmas tea.

With family and friends gathered around, Iโ€™m feeling a little extra Santa-mental.

Meowy Christmas and happy howlidays.

Oh deer, Christmas is here

It takes one to snow one.

Wishin you a dyno-mite Christmas and a roarinโ€™ new year!

The best kind of Christmas sandwich is peanut butter and jammies.

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