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Turtle puns in 2024

You are turtley the one for me.

Shell-larious ones.

These puns are turtle-y hilarious

You are the turtle package.

Oh! You sturtled me!

Strange name, but she tortoise well.

When my pet turtle died, I wasn’t much upset but
just shellshocked on how it happened.

Turtley cool,dude.

What do you call a flying turtle? A shellicopter.

We did not understand what the mother turtle was
saying because it was all in ridleys.

Woah! No need to flipper-t about my bad turtle puns.

A shellicopter.

The turtle family has taught us something we
shell-dom do which we should emulate.

There is hardly any doubt about the fact that
animal puns are really spe-shell!

I am going to shell my turtle.

Guilty turtle was sent To the shell block.

There is one device that every turtle needs to
prepare their foods in the kitchen: a slow cooker.

What the shell!

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