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Baking puns ๐Ÿฅง in 2023

You make my dreams crumb true.

This is a pie for help!

Don’t stale the show!

You’ve gone too jar.

This is history in the baking.

Make like bread and rise to the challenge.

Sometimes life is similar to baking cakes, just โ€˜prollโ€™ with them.

There is nuttin better!

If you’re not tart of the solution, you’re tart of the problem.

1You’re in over your bread.

Bake it till you make it.

Love is all you knead.

Any way the wind doughs.

I’m just trying to bake the world a better place.

Baking like a leaf.

Don’t thank me, it’s the yeast I can do!

The โ€˜bakeโ€™ smile of the his friends proved they are not true friends.

It’s not good to bread rumours.

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