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Baking puns ๐Ÿฅง in 2021

I’m up to muffin.

The upcoming college election will be highly competitive and slightly unfair
as the winner will โ€˜bakeโ€™ it all.

You’ll be the first to dough.

The statue โ€˜bakerโ€™ had a great sense of art infused within him.

I’m a whisk-taker.

Seriously dough.

You did a grape job raisin all of that money!

All things crust come to an end.

I’ll be leaven soon.

Rolling scones is the band that every โ€˜Bakerโ€™ talks about in town.

Lettuce celebrate with cake!

At the cake party the introduction song was โ€˜Bakerโ€™ Street by Gerry Rafferty.ย 

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