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Moon puns ๐ŸŒ™ in 2021

You must be a planet, and I must be a moon, because I totally
revolve around you!

On the moon they love a fancy breakfast, today they are having crescents!

Stayย mooned

Just went to a restaraunt on the moon..wouldn’t go again
atmosphere there.

Astronomers got tired of watching the moon ย rotate around the Earth
for twenty-four hours, so they just called it a ‘day’!

The astronauts were pretty upset there was no wi-fi on the moon, they wanted to update their spacebook status!

Keep yourย eclipseย sealsed

ย I thought I saw a full moon last night but perhaps I was just i-moon-gining it!

Whoโ€™s going toย planet?

Where do you leave your spaceship when you visit the moon?
At a parking meteor.

I hope you know how much you moon to me!

I would love to crescent you with this award, for being the brightest
moon tonight!

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