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Moon puns ๐ŸŒ™ in 2023

How did the moon take the news? They weren’t really phased.

Anytimeย moon

How does the moon take a bath?It has meteor showers

The moon seems pretty hungry, could you bring that snack
lunar rather than later?

That astronaut is such a good singer, I think they use auto-moon.

When life gets youย lemoons

Sometimes I feel like I am the moon and you are the sun, I’d really
be in the dark without you!

My favorite moon is the strawberry moon, it’s just so berry bright.

Went to a party on the moon once. Didnโ€™t really like it, no

Are you looking for an a-moon-sing moon pun?

I went to my first full moon party at the weekend, I have to say, it
eclipsed my expectations!

Asย moonย as possible

Why did the moon threw up?Because it was full.

Did you know there is a series of online videos about the sun and the moon passing each other? Just look for E-clips.

How does an astronaut tell the time? They just check their rocket watch.

Deliver aย sermoon.

I don’t mean to sound o-moon-ous, but that meteor looks awfully big!

There snow moon like the December moon!

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