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Moon puns ๐ŸŒ™ in 2022

Do you really think our behavior can be affected by the moon, or is
that just lunacy?

Aย moonย of few words

What do you call a person really crazy about the moon? A lunatic.

I think you are simply tre-moon-dous!

You know, you’re being a little moon-dy, I hope it’s just a phase! ย 

Powerfulย womoonย in history.

Those who study the moon are real optimists, they tend to look at
the bright side.

Saturn said they’d give the moon a ring but they forgot! So now it is a bit of a blue moon.

What do you call in insect on the moon? A lunar tick.

Do you really love the moon that much, or are you just waxing lyrical?

Morning,ย moonย and night.

What kind of car does the moon drive?an eclipse

I personally find space jokes very a-moon-sing, don’t you?

No need to Apollo-gize, I know you didn’t moon what you said!

Workoutย regimoon

I wonder what the moon’s favorite bagel is? Probably cinna-moon raisin.

The moon gets a little more chilly in September, time to put on it’s har-vest!

How does the Man In The Moon cut his hair? Eclipse it.

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