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Mustache puns in 2021

When my father started losing hair, he shaved his entire head and facial hair.
It was indeed a bald move!

What do you call a cow’s mustache?
– A moostache.

What’s another name for centipede? A wall moustache!

I couldn’t find my mustache for a week
– It was right under my nose the entire time.

When a bike grows a beardy mustache;
– it is none other than a handlebar.

One of the funniest ways to react to a friend’s new mustache is to call him, “Bro-stache”.

Mo bros for life.

What do you call a moustache who delivers ice-cold dairy drinks right to your front door? A milk moustache!

I told my SO that now Movember is over they should shave their mustache.
– She didn’t take it very well.

The mother expressed love to her weeping child “I love your silly old mis- taches.”

Why did the man shave his mustache before participating in a dangerous stunt?
– He said better shave than sorry.

Is that a moustache, or did your eyebrows come on down for a drink?

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