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Mustache puns in 2022

The father sarcastically told his son on not being able to grow facial hair,
“Your head must-ache when you don’t have any mustache.”

In this company, you have got to conform to not shaving beard within the contract; it is the Santa Clause.

Keep calm and let your mustache grow.

What is a cow’s favorite type of facial hair? A moo-stache!

Stopped shaving for November, at first I hated the mustache, but what can I say?
– It’s grown on me.

Spike warned Tom that Jerry has a big mouse-tache now, so don’t mess up!

What did the man say to the barber who suggested he kept a horseshoe?
– Horses don’t wear shoes.

When I was younger, I never really liked the idea of having a moustache. But then, it started to grow on me!

Movember’s here.
-It’s mustache season all over again.

I made a genuine compliment about a co-workers mustache
– I don’t know why she made such a big deal about it to HR

My father doesn’t like to shave money for future, so he washes it out!

What did the mustache ask his elder brother?
– I see you looking at me like that, what’s growing on?

My dad always used to say that “growing a moustache is a man’s way of taking his life by the horns and deciding to be more attractive and successful!”

I complimented someone for their amazing mustache.
– I don’t understand why she threw a fit though.

The mustachioed Santa came with his elves and greeted all children “Merry-stech-mas my love.”

You should never avoid him
– because he is beardiful.

The three mustache-ers.

I once asked a great tree what the best facial hair style was. After thinking about it for a long time, the tree replied: “A moss-stache, of course!”

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