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Mustache puns in 2023

I mustache you a question, are you able to find the pun?

What did the dissatisfied client say about Ash, the barber?
– Nobody should ever get a must-ash styled by him.

Well, I spent years looking for the perfect moustache. But then, I realized the truth. It was under my nose the whole time!

How do you tell the difference between a man with a mustache and a man without a mustache?
– The man with a mustache is the attractive one.

Women are like the police
– Once they’ve settled on a partner they eat a lot of donuts and then grow a mustache

Clean shaven comedian is so funny
– because his wit is razor-sharp.

Why are the careers of celebrity mustaches so short lived?
– They are hair today, gone tomorrow.

How is a moustache similar to wine and cheese? Easy… they all tend to get better with time!

People need to learn how to take a compliment…
– Just today I complimented the most epic mustache I’ve ever seen and the lady didn’t even say thanks.

A cow was wandering for its favorite facial designing.
Finally, it got the moo-stache.

James Bond with no beard should be called as agent Zero Zero Shaven.

Don’t bash the ‘stache.

How do you say ‘happy birthday’ to a man with a moustache? Tell him to have a fan-tache-stick birthday!

I shaved my mustache after having kept it for a few years
– I hated the way I looked at first, but it’s growing on me.

Someone mustasche grandpa to shave, his hugs are so tickly!

Why is a mustache well ventilated at all times?
– Because it’s very h-airy.

I had a friend who always wore a mask, so he grew a moustache without anyone noticing it. I guess you could say that he had a secret stache!

I never liked the idea of having a mustache..
-But then it grew on me.

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